Just like we do at all of our weekend services, we want our New Heart Kids to experience Jesus at their own level. Please partner with us as we have created some fun, at-home activities that you and your child can do together. After watching the video, you can use the discussion questions we have provided, as well as the activity. Thank you for working with us as we continue to move our New Heart Kids forward!





Memory Verse: “By His wounds you are healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

Discussion Questions: 

  1. Does Jesus want to help us? Yes! 

  2. Does Jesus want to help us some of the time or all the time? All the time! 

  3. Who is there when you need Him? Jesus! 

Activity: Ice Cream in a Bag 


1/2 cup whole milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon sugar

1/3 cup rock salt


1 gallon bag

1-2 sandwich bags


  1. Pour milk, vanilla, and sugar into the sandwich bag. Add a little chocolate syrup if you’d like to have chocolate ice cream.

  2. Push the air out of the bag and zip it shut. You might want to double bag to avoid spills. 

  3. Shake the bag and squish it around to combine ingredients.

  4. Add ice to your gallon bag until it is about half full. Add the rock salt.

  5. Place your sandwich bag inside the gallon bag and zip it shut.

  6. Shake, shake, shake it up until your ice cream freezes – around ten minutes in most cases. Have your New Heart Kid wear gloves or wrap the bag in a towel so their little hands don’t get too cold.

  7. Add your toppings and enjoy!


Memory Verse:  “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”John 15:12

Discussion Questions: 

  1. Who did Jesus and His disciples see? A blind man! 

  2. How long has the man been blind? Since birth! 

  3. Did Jesus try to figure out how the man was born blind? No! 

  4. What did Jesus do? He spat on the dirt and made mud and put it on the man’s eyes! 

  5. What did Jesus tell him to do next?! Go and wash in a pool! 

  6. Did the man do it? Yes! And he was healed! 

  7. Jesus loved the man so much He didn’t try to figure out who was right or wrong, He helped first! How can you show love by helping this week? Ideas : help a neighbor with their yard work, take someone cookies, run an errand for an elderly neighbor, entertain your siblings while your mom or dad needs to take a phone call. Help first! 

  8. Jesus loves you SO much! He helps you too! He is always close! Ask Him for help this week and He will help you because He loves you! 

Activity: 3 ingredient Oobleck


2 cups of cornstarch

1 cup of water

Food Coloring (Optional)


  1. If you want to add food coloring, mix your food coloring with the water. Choose any color you prefer.

  2. Then stir the water into the cornstarch until the oobleck is formed.

  3. Squeeze, poke, and play watch it act like a liquid and solid!


I am loved by God! I am a child of the King! I am a leader! I live on mission. I will change the world!